MicroKart 应用的评论


This is boring

Not a great game but not a very bad game

Pretty bad!

I got this game a year ago and it wasn't so bad. But now, it is horrible! The controls are reversed and not to mention, it looks poorly made! I deleted it and don't get it, either.

Fix camera

The camera should follow the car and the car just spins randomly


Sad very sad.


I know it makes no sense controls are backward.


This game would be okay if you didn't tilt left to go right plus sound effects

Umm. . .

This game would be okay for kids if you didn't tilt left to go right?!


Controls are reversed. Please change that.


It would be a great game but the controls are reversed.

note to editors

the steering is reversed. if i turn right the car goes left.


It stinks! The quality is bad. Horrible graphics... Fake sounds... Everything is bad!!! I recommend to not get this game... Save 15 minutes of your life...


Lamest exues for an app!!!!!! Utterly disgusting!!

Do not get!!!

This game was extremely unappealing. It was too hard to control the car


Needs better quality. Awesome ball is better


Don't get this game!!!!!

Not bad...

I realize the developer has a full version in the works so I dont thimk people sould be too hard on the game. Over all great idea and fairly well put together. Graphics are a touch rough, but it ran smoothly and crash free (for me anyway) More tracks, cars, and perhaps some awards or something like that and youll have a top notch game on your hands. Good job so far!

Not as great as I thought it would be

Kinda lame. Two tracks one car doesn't seem like it's worth the amount of memory it takes up and the time it takes to download it. Controls could use some improvement.

Not as good as I thought it would be

but still worth playing once in a while

Innovative concept

I like the idea of racing around the table dining room! It reminds me of the radio control cars/trucks that you played when you were a kid. :) A little tough to handle at first but you get the hang of it after a while.


Gave me a headache it was so slow


yeah, i deleted it, but IT'S NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Should have read the description first. I would never think about getting the full version. But the car looks like a nissan skyline


You can go of the track and fly around the room


Everyone in the universe should get it I'm including bacteria and stuff


It was ok but steering was bad

This app is awsome

This is my favorite app ever!!!AND ITS FREE!!! This app does need more cars and tracks though. But it is still my favorite app ever.


You only race 1 other car. It's not very challenging. But for a free game it's good.


This is the lite version its great and has a lot for a lite version the full game has all the stuff your asking for. The handling's really nice and easy many different settings to customize your race get it its great

Well idk is this the lite version I there is a full verision to t

Can there be the update it says with 10 different tracks n everything unless tht's the full verssion ( of the is one ) nvm thy comment and I love it even though my beoters are the ones with re cars I just lyk to race stuff and racing games


It's nothing special. Graphics could be improved and change handling.


Not incredibly fun but it's a good start.

It's ok for free

Needs more tracks button sensitivity cars and some better grafics pls and make it a little faster


Screwed up my iPod


Freakin awesome. Kant wait for full Version

Bad Graphics

This game has terrible graphics and very delayed actions

Not great

It needs lots of updates such as graphics more levels more cars such as a police car and more enemies.Also needs glitches fixed.overall needs more updates.4/10. Buy when it is updated.Now is not the time

Fun and Great Potential! :D

This is a must-get free app. Could use a few small improvements such as better graphics and fixing the glitch where you get stuck inside the tv on level 2. But besides that it's a fun game, great idea, and has great potential. :) Love it!

New version.

When the new version comes out with the weapons and stuff. It should be like a app update. But people that don't have it should have to pay .99 or however it costs.

Freating sweat

This game is awesome!


don't even no what 2 say


To be fair, its a pretty good game concept, but needs a few extra touches. It keeps on lagging, and honestly, I don't like the controls alot. But its a free game, and has lots of potential!

It needs help

It messes up when I listen to music, graphics arnt da best lol, and it slows up a lot. But it's ok


This is an awesome app but please add more racers, more tracks, and maybe two player with touch turning instead of tilt. Just some suggestions for a great app!


Very boring, and awful graphics. Takes up too much memory, too. Isn't even worth one star.

The game....you lost

Idea for the game was good, but the graphics aren't the best, and it started to glitching a lot

I'm Thinking About It

The idea of this game is original, for that I give you credit. The graphics on the other hand, ouch. They need help.

Waste of memory

Didin't like this one. Don't waste your memory. There are better racing games out there.

bad graphics

this game is way too glitchy and the graphics are so horrible you can't tell what the heck is going on.


No jumps just flat land, hard to handle on fast, and bad graphics

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